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Small Dogs ( Under 25lbs )

Bath - $35

Mini Grooming - $45

Full Grooming - $55

Medium Dogs ( Under 50lbs )

Bath - $45

Mini Grooming - $55

Full Grooming - $70

Large Dogs ( Under 100lbs )

Bath - $55

Mini Grooming - $65

Full Grooming - $85

Extra Large Dogs ( 100+ lbs )

Bath - $65

Mini Grooming - $75

Full Grooming - $95

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All Baths include:

Nails, Ears, Brush-Out, and Anal Express (Upon Request)

Mini-Grooming includes:

Bath, Nails, Ears, Light Trim, and Spot Trim (Face, Feet, and Sani).

Full Grooming includes:

All of the Above + A Full Hair Cut.

Note: All Prices are dependent on the Size of the Dog and Coat Condition. Matting Fees May Apply. Prices Vary Based on the Severity of Matting $7-$20

Special Shampoo Skin needs, Fleas $3

We Do Not use Chemical Flea Dips! Flea Shampoo is automatically Given if Your Dog Has Fleas to Prevent infestation to other Pets in Our Care.

As Courtesy to our Clients We Reserve the Right to Refuse Badly Behaved or Flea Infested pets.

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